Introducing CIBT Legalization Scan and Ship to Market Service

By: CIBT Editorial Team

May 8, 2024

Here at CIBT, we know that acquiring, authenticating, and shipping documents internationally can be an intricate task, causing heavy administrative burdens. That's why we’ve set out to create a simpler solution. Our new Legalization Scan service manages your entire document scanning and international shipping process, saving you and your team the significant time and hassle associated with completing these tasks in-house. 

Some of the key benefits of Legalization Scan include: 

  • Significantly shorter turnaround times, ensuring swift delivery of finalized documents to end users; 
  • Reduced reliance on third-party courier services for document shipment, in turn reducing the risk of documents being lost in transit; 
  • Reduced environmental impact by minimising paper use and transportation emissions. 

Simplified process, swift completion 

Once document legalization has been completed, a secure password-protected scan will be sent, and your original documents will be shipped directly to your end user in-market. The whole process is quick and seamless. 

What's more, you can now access Legalization Scan through your CIBT online booking platform. Simply select the international delivery dispatch option, input the dispatch address of your end user, and leave the rest to us. 

To find out more about Legalization Scan, or to auto-enrol in this service for all your document legalizations, contact CIBT today

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