Worldwide Leaders

CIBT draws on over thirty years of experience and over 2,000 expert immigration, visa and passport professionals, attorneys and qualified migration consultants located in over 60 offices in 29 countries. CIBT offers a comprehensive suite of services under two primary brands: Newland Chase, a wholly owned subsidiary focused on global immigration strategy and advisory services for corporations worldwide and VisaCentral, the market leader for business and other travel visa and passport services for corporate and individual clients.

VisaCentral is a private company that is authorized to process visa applications and expedite passports at consulate and passport agencies for a fee.

Our Vision

Simplify the journey, to bridge people, cultures, and businesses and open the world.

Our Mission

We enable global movement by managing the complexities of a changing world. We empower people and organizations to seamlessly live, work, travel, and trade through our global reach, local expertise, and customer-focused solutions.

Our Values

One Team, United in Purpose

We are a diverse, global team that embraces inclusivity and authenticity. We appreciate each other's individual perspectives and experiences, and we are committed to our individual and collective success. We work to create a fun and engaging environment that fosters connectivity and joy.

Trusted Partners

We put customer interests first and operate with empathy and honesty. We take pride in helping our clients achieve results through a personalized approach, rooted in expertise, adaptability, and agility.

Effective and Efficient

We seek a careful balance of speed, quality, and efficiency. We utilize global processes to achieve consistent, compliant outcomes. We empower teams to adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers and the government agencies with which we engage.

Lifelong Learners

We're curious and constantly seek to learn. We promote individual growth and development and embrace change and innovation.

Operate With Care

We care deeply about what we do and the difference we make. We take accountability, demonstrate integrity, and make conscious choices to do the right thing. We aspire to leave things better than we found them.

Visa Pre-Check

Have an urgent visa application that carries a tight deadline?  VisaCentral can help you to save valuable time and avoid expensive delays.  A VisaCentral expert will review all of your documents to confirm your application is accurate, complete and ready for submission. We will contact you personally to quickly handle any mistakes ensuring your application is submitted correctly.

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Premium Service

With one-on-one consultations, timely reminders, and step-by-step assistance, we’ll make sure every base is covered. You can trust our visa experts to personally manage your applications.

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Insurance for Travel

Get individualized insurance to travel to your destination through our partner, battleface.

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