U.S. Passports—What’s Happening?

The COVID-19 has placed unprecedented demands on the U.S. Passport Office. As a result, all U.S. Passport Offices are experiencing backlogs with individual service requests facing significant processing delays. VisaCentral expects these delays to continue for some time as the U.S. Passport Office works through the outstanding Passport service requests.

How VisaCentral Can Help Right Now

I Need Expedited Assistance With

  • A U.S. Passport Renewal
  • A Name Change
  • A Renewal Of A 2nd Passport

We can offer these passports services in 6-8 weeks, less than half the time for routine processing. This is the fastest available processing without a life or death emergency.

Start My Passport Renewal Now

I Need Assistance With

  • A First-Time Passport
  • A Child’s Passport
  • A Lost or Stolen Passport
  • A Second Passport

At this time, VisaCentral is unable to assist you with these U.S. Passport services. However, we expect to be able to offer these services soon. Get notified as soon as we’re able to offer these services. Takes seconds and it’s free!

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